Buying a car after facelift

A facelift is way car companies to quickly refresh the offered range of model cars. Although this method is called by many a marketing ploy, this is for potential buyers an additional dilemma when buying a car. Is it worth so tempted to model after the facelift?

Lifting facelift uneven

(26-02-2017) When buying a new set of tires, you should consider how the vehicle. If you do not overcome long distances, and the average speed, which is achieved while driving are not high, it may be better to buy budget tires. At a similar price, which used tire, we buy a new set of tires retreaded. They are formed on the basis of used tires, which is removed the old tread and a glued new.

Individual model changes affect the price of both new cars and used. The greater range of changes includes the modernization, the differences may be greater. Producers, however, are not guided by common determinants, which means that when one refresh model can be almost imperceptible, the other can significantly affect the perception of the car and change its face. This criterion must also be taken into consideration when buying.

It is, therefore, poke and look for information on whether the generation of the car, which we want to be tempted, going through a modernization and whether a particular copy, which aroused our interest, underwent a facelift mentioned.

Extremely important it is whether the facelift also included technical changes because it can affect a reduction in the failure of the car and in the future result in savings on this account, which will exceed the additional costs associated with the purchase of the refreshed model. If, however, any technical improvements do not happen, you should consider only the visual aspect.

Changes for the better or for the worse?

A facelift is designed to increase the attractiveness of the appearance of the car model and thus increase the interest model. A minor facelift, which changes the slightly appearance of the car, and hence – its perception among buyers should be treated with reserve. For the seller, it will be an additional benefit marketing, on the basis of which stiffen the price of the car and will show no sign of wanting to reduce. The buyer may be the magic of “newer” model and pay a higher price, although in practice the sense of the larger issue of money seems difficult to justify.

However, there are improvements, which constitute a real answer to the needs of the market and bring significant changes in the appearance of the car. Anyone interested approaches, however subjectively to buy, relying largely on the choice of their own feelings and preferences. It may be that the car facelift is visually less successful than its predecessor. It happens that this modernization is the only contribution to the reduction in the quality of the product to be able to offer the customer a lower price. Each lift should be treated individually, based on the opinions of experts, users, but most of all believing feelings.


Despite all sorts of doubts facelift builds customers’ awareness of the introduction of the product better, more refined and attractive. This is reflected in the rate of decline in the value of the car. When buying a car after lifting, you can determine with high probability that the loss of its value with time will be less than if the car before the modernization. This aspect is particularly important when we are planning in the near-term resale of the car because it will affect its attractiveness on the secondary market.

New, but still old

The market entry of a new, refreshed model poses a dilemma for car dealers who still have the will to offer copies of the pre-facelift. For buyers, it may be but a great opportunity to buy a new car at an affordable price, as the car showrooms to tempt will be interesting promotions to sell off outdated as soon as possible an offer.

Buying a car after a facelift is the most legitimate sense when modernization significantly improves the image of the model, as well as its technical aspects. Regardless of the model facelift provide more room for maneuver in the event of subsequent resale value because of their popularity among buyers will be greater. However, if the difference in the purchase price of the model before and after the modernization is important, and changes in favor of a newer model are small, and a sense of such purchase decisions will be negligible.

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