Dimming glass

Tuning, the desire to or practical applications – irrelevant are the reasons for which darken the glass. What would have been our motivation, the decision to darken windows we have a very good think. First of all, the operation must be carried out in accordance with applicable law. Depending on the desired effect is required, the choice of a suitably tinted film.

(26-02-2017) A good way to save is to buy all-season tires. They prove themselves especially in the case of cars with an annual mileage does not exceed 10 000 km, and are used mainly in urban conditions. One set of tires primarily savings associated with the lack of need to replace them before winter and summer. There is also no problem with the storage of a second set of tires, which is not used.

Often we see vehicles which travel on the back seat is held 100% incognito. That was the beginning of the idea of tinted glass. Initiated her limousine to protect important persona in front of the curious eyes of onlookers or flashes lenses. As the automotive industry, fashion has reached the sports cars and tuned. In the latter, the main task was to hide the various safety cages and not always aesthetic modification to improve the performance. Today, privacy is the main reason why we decide to darken the windows in his car. Although it is difficult to expect the economic aspect and more comfortable traveling are two important factors decisive about wanting to darken the windows in his car.

Advantages hidden in the shadows

Contrary to appearances, the dimming glass can flow multiple benefits. Starting from the said privacy protection, which in its own way can be a safeguard against theft. Not every passenger traveling in the second row of seats wants the other parties involved traffic peering through his window. In addition, nowadays often afraid to leave the car different items, even during a short absence. More than one driver lost a laptop or other equipment when he left the car at ten-minute shopping. With heavily tinted windows of the contents of the rear bench seat, in theory, it is safer because it is much harder to see what it contains. After all, it is not a “cloak of invisibility” so expensive things always better to take with them.

While we’re on the safety of property, it is worth mentioning a passenger. Car windows are manufactured in such a way that in the case of an accident burst on a lot of small pieces. Unfortunately, only the windscreen is further reinforced transparent foil. That way, if it is broken thousands of small glass squares sleeps driver and his sore face. Glass residues are easy to remove if necessary, the rapid lowering of the vehicle, not necessarily through the door. The side windows vain to seek such protection. In a collision, they pound into smithereens, showering the whole environment “hail of glass.” Darken the film makes even the side windows will gain protection characteristic of the windscreen. Dimming glass will, therefore, increase the safety of passengers when an accident.

Another advantage resulting from the tinted windows, the optimal temperature inside the vehicle. Thanks to films reflecting a significant part of the solar radiation inside the car heat up less during hot days, resulting in more efficient operation of air conditioning. Even in winter darkening window may provide some benefit. The windows of the car are the most of your critical places through which the frost “escapes” generated by heating the heat. Structural elements of the vehicle are lined with soundproofing and upholstery, so stop them inside. It is difficult to insulate your windows. Adhered film acts as an insulator, whereby a small extent can contribute to the slower cooling of the vehicle.

It is widely known that excess solar radiation is not healthy. Although the glass is not palm, this does not mean that it protects us against all the negative effects of prolonged exposure in the range of action of the sun. Ordinary glass has a low permeability to ultraviolet UVB, those responsible for the brown tan. They represent about 5% of solar radiation reaching the Earth. The remaining 95% are malignant UVA that reaches us even on cloudy days and no glass in front of us it will not protect. The second aspect is the reaching time from the heat, which is also not retained by the glass. Dimming windows provide passengers shadow, making the interior of the vehicle will much less negative solar radiation. This can be especially useful when traveling with little ones or four-legged – then there is no need to buy a sunshade to keep kids cool and shade, even when traveling on hot days.

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