How to extend the life of tires?

Buying a tire is one of the lesser-known operating expenses of every driver. All through the high cost of their purchase. However, there is nothing to prevent the condition of the tire in advance and extend its life. How to do it?

Proper tire pressure

One of the most common negligence of drivers against tires is the uncontrolled pressure. In practice, it is easy to find a car that runs mainly with unpaved tires. The negative effects of such a procedure are several. First of all, the rolling resistance increases and the car burns more fuel. The driving properties also deteriorate, because the contact of the tire with the ground is incomplete. The third effect is accelerated tread wear. In the case of too low pressure, this applies to the outer part of the tire, while too much air will result in abrasion of the middle part of the tread face.

The tire pressure values for the individual axles can be found in the vehicle manual as well as in the information stickers normally located at the driver’s door. The compressor, with which we can easily refill or let the air out, is provided by most gas stations and is free of charge.

Suspension condition

Long-term repairs with suspension repairs will also translate into shortening of tire life. An example shock absorber can be used. Because he is not able to maintain the wheels adequately in contact with the road surface, he will often hit the tread on the roadway. This will create characteristic local tread wear.

The use of shock absorbers also increases the stress on the tires. A common consequence of this is the internal damage to their structure, which will qualify them for immediate replacement.

The condition of the tires is affected by the incorrect suspension geometry. Too high or low convergence and inadequate angle of inclination of the wheel constitute the main cause of asymmetrical wear of the tread. Checking and setting the geometry in a professional workshop costs about 100 pounds.

Driving technique

Driving style is another important factor in terms of extending the life of the tires. Aggressive acceleration with slipping wheels and rapid braking is the simplest way to quickly replace tires. It is therefore important to focus on smooth driving, keep the distance from the vehicle ahead, and anticipate scenarios that may occur on the road. This will not only save tires but will improve driving safety and reduce fuel consumption, as well as many engine, drive and suspension components.

Winter tires all year round

Many drivers are reluctant to buy summer tires and spend all year riding on winter tires. This is certainly a safer option than a year-round operation of summer tires. Remember that “winter” is made of a rather soft rubber mixture, so they retain the right flexibility in low-temperature conditions. However, this construction makes the dry and hot surfaces significantly accelerate winter tire wear. For this reason, not only for safety but also for life, it is worth having two sets of seasonal tires.

Segment tire eco

Tire durability can already be considered at the product selection stage. Tires specially designed to achieve the highest possible mileage are available. An example is the Michelin Energy Saver +, whose lifetime, according to the manufacturer, is an average of 45,000 km.

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