Fall asleep at the wheel?

Fall asleep at the wheel? But that’s impossible. So probably they think the person who has no record of a car on a stretch of several hundred kilometers, even when driving on vacation. When the driver fatigue catches up with great power, control sleepiness is very difficult, even this task is almost impossible. For the purpose, you need to get, so you have to fight with their weaknesses.

One of the most popular ways to fight fatigue is reaching for energy drinks and coffee. Since they excite us every day, as it should be while driving. However, according to experts involved in training to improve driving positive effect, although it actually occurs it is short-lived, and after a temporary recovery followed by malaise threatening nap during the drive.

(26-02-2017) When it comes time to buy a new set of tires or seasonal exchange, many drivers wondering what to do to reduce operating costs tires. Ideas are usually many, but not all include the issue of driving safety.

Plan and implement

Many publications can be found trite advice deals with the preparation for the route – planning to leave the appropriate time reserve and being fully rested after 7-8 hours’ peaceful sleep. Not only sign up to these words.

Practice shows that given our lives at full speed, avoid fatigue and the start of the season tend to be difficult to implement. On the other hand, you have to graduate priorities, because the most important are the safety of passengers, other participants of the road and of course our own. Therefore, analyzing the time in which we should cover the distance, we should anticipate a break and possible traffic jams and other traffic incidents.

It should also prepare a mug of hot tea, take a bottle of still water, some food. It is true that a full stomach causes laziness, but lacks the energy to even worse effect. Seat set almost at right angles. We can not be too comfortable, but above all in terms of security (with this arrangement chair feel almost every movement of the vehicle). Let’s take your favorite discs or car radio Let us now, maybe someone is a fan of audiobooks (just turn them out of the way, but with a single driving are a refreshing companion), or will have a talkative passenger. The vehicle can not be too warm, but not travel without a jacket.

300 km, 6 stops

This is obviously just palliatives. Regardless of the circumstances (if any late for an important meeting, waiting for family, the upcoming concert season start) if you feel tired, do not help us tea, coffee or a change in temperature in the car, let’s necessarily the parking lot. Let’s use a break to sleep. Sometimes we need five minutes, sometimes up to an hour. Then be sure to leave a beloved car, ventilate them, and yourself some exercise. This may be a stretch, walk, run, anyway outdoor activities that oxygenate the body.

There is no prescription, how often to take breaks while driving. Textbooks teach that every two hours, but this theory has no basis in reality. If you do not feel comfortable to dwell more often. Record the author of this text is a six breaks on the route numbering just over 300 km, of which 200 km on the highway. The impact on well-being are the road conditions (weather, traffic), the amount of sleep, health, stress levels, etc. Of course, when we “feel the power”, you can take more than 120 minutes. Although fatigue when we “hang” and the next stop will be longer. If we do not hurry so much, you’d better stop even when we do not feel total boredom.

Safety our top priority

Another important note. If you are approaching the target and we are just 20, 10, 5 kilometers, and we feel great fatigue, let’s stop the car. According to experts, improving ride the last section is the most difficult and driving “force” on the principle of “manage to” have any chance at the end of a tree or the side of another car. Let the password of one of the airlines: “Safety is our top priority” will be the motto of our readers.

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