How well do you clean the inside of the car?

Small steps approaching spring. On the road runs out black ice, slush or other aspects of the pesky our journey by car. Once we wash the car from the outside, it is worth taking for the interior of our vehicle. How to do it right, so that the result pleased everyone? Feel free to read.

(26-02-2017) It looks almost no different from the usual, and supporters of tuning the car willingly would see them in their cars. What is the truth about high-performance brake pads? All pads – both road and Competition – comprising a carrier plate and friction material. They also have a similar task: to brake the car. However, the similarities end, because already the same materials used to produce them vary considerably.

Many of us like to travel a clean car and takes care of the means of transport at times more than for himself. Once exact car, you should get on with the agenda inside the car. After the winter, it is worth paying attention to it, because in the middle of the left certainly a lot of water. Water is not only the focus of rust, it can also ruin the electronics under the mats in the car, and its replacement can cost a lot.

Start by dusting the entire interior

Best to start from the beginning. If the rugs there are any items that let’s remove them from the car at the time of cleaning the interior of the car. Another important step is a thorough vacuuming the interior of the car. It is a vacuum cleaner look in places less accessible because there are collected the most dust. If the vacuum cleaner, which we have at home, has a low power, we can always drive up to the gas station. Devices available there are more powerful and easily remove crumbs and dust from the least accessible places. Just remember the fact that during vacuuming to remove the car mats.

Wash upholstery – how to do it right?

Once thoroughly upholstery, we can get on with her laundry. The most important aspect is to remember that each cleaning product designed for a different upholstery. Another is a velour, another to the skin, and another cotton. If the result of one of the cleaning stain can not be, it is, for example, invest in benzine. It is, however, before using it to check out of sight, or does not discolor the upholstery. After using, thoroughly ventilate the car. How to wash the upholstery? For this purpose, we use special fluids and foams.

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