Problems with dents in car parks

Too bad parking usually arises from a momentary lack of attention, and the losses resulting from it are in most cases very small. How to effectively solve the problem?

Cullet in the parking lot

If damage is caused by our fault, not left us nothing but remove the card, which contain information about the car involved in the cullet parking and leave your number. Of course, many people come out from the assumption that if nobody saw it, why do yourself problems. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Best to put yourself in the situation of the victim, when we return to our beloved car left the parking lot and we see that half of the bumper is damaged, and the perpetrators of the damage caused is not. For those for whom this argument is too weak, I have another. Almost all are equipped with a parking monitoring, and thus to trace the perpetrator cullet is not difficult. What’s more, to escape from such a place can really harm us.

Too bad our car

After settling all issues with the owner of the damaged car damage to our vehicle. Exactly see if the item is damaged or cracked only scratched. During the cracked parking often results in damage to the front or rear bumper, lamps, possibly scratching the door.

If it has been damaged only the front bumper, see if it is cracked. In this case, we must seriously reflect on the meaning of its repair. If the bumper is not painted, the best solution would be the purchase of new and replacement. The matter is complicated somewhat when painted bumper, since the purchase of a new, will bind not only with the need to replace, but also the coating. Similarly, in the case of the rear bumper. If you really want, you can fix the bumper, but advise against self-test.

Self repair

If the painted bumper is only scratched, there is nothing to prevent the paint it yourself. You will need a paint spray, primer, masking tape, sandpaper and gas extraction. The repair process’s start from the proper preparation of the surface, which has been scratched. To start with, with the paper of high granulation. Properly prepared surface for painting should be smooth.

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