How to take care of black lacquer?

It is trendy and nice, but contrary to appearances it is not white, but black lacquer is the hardest to keep clean. Clearly visible on it any scratches, blemishes, and smudges. How to make the car’s black paint retain its depth and shine? Is taking care of black paint different from other shades?

Just a century ago, the legendary Henry Ford said that his Model T can be bought in any color, provided it is black. Since then, Black has made a great career in the automotive industry. Suitable for any type, shape, and type of car – from small, urban, to large limousine or roadster. It is difficult to find a model that could not be ordered in black.

Trouble with black paint

Before choosing a car paint, however, it must be remembered that this shade has disadvantages. Apart from the fact that the darker the car is warming up in the summer, black makes some problems with care and maintenance clean. The most difficult is the “black uni” lacquer, ie without metal lacquers, without glitter. After washing it is extremely visible on it streaks, and before washing … just dirt. Do not count on the fact that the features and blemishes will remain unnoticed. Black lacquer does not forgive neglect and haste, and the time is rude to him. Therefore, you need to know about a few tricks that will allow you to enjoy the depths of black on your car.

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The base of the black car care is, of course, a good hand washing. If we have to wash it differently, let us use a non-contact car wash, but let’s forget the automatic washer (ie the brush). Such washing causes the appearance of scratches which will be extremely visible in the black. Remember to pre-wash with a pressure washer, which will remove loose dirt that would damage the proper cleaning with a sponge. You will also find handmade foam. For the set, of course, active foam. We can choose, for example, a K2 product.

Later it is time to wash the right. Two buckets should be used, one with clean water and the other with a dirty sponge. It is best to use buckets with dirt separators, which will increase the efficiency of our operation and avoid scratches, such as the remaining sand sponge in the sand. Instead of a sponge, we can use cleaning gloves – many specialists are definitely recommending this choice. It is best if they are wool gloves.

After washing very important in the case of black lacquer is accurate drying of the body. Black does not forgive leaving water “to dry” and any stains are clearly visible on such a paint. A towel to dry the body will be useful. Importantly, when wiping, do not drag it over the car body, just stick to it.


Take care of the black lacquer, adequately protect it. Both quick wax and quick detailer will work well, as well as more advanced methods such as ceramic coating. Traditional waxes are also available in black color variants.

In conclusion, taking care of the black lacquer requires a bit of effort and meticulousness. If we have a black car and want to keep its paint still impressive, we have to make a bit of a detailing procedure. Applying the above advice will also hurt the auto in a different color … but black requires the most.

The most important thing is that at all costs to allow the formation of scratches, also when washing (because they are perfectly visible), as well as streaks and streaks. So treated black lacquer will take a deep breath!

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