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Washing the car in the winter seems to be quite a challenge, but worth it put off until the spring. We advise, as in five easy steps to clean the car at low temperature.

(26-02-2017) For reversing counters mainly for the dissemination of this practice, we are responsible ourselves. How so? Normally – after all, everyone wants to buy a car with as little mileage for the least money. Only let’s be honest – whether it’s 8- and 10-year-old Audi or BMW has a chance to make a counter 70-80 thousand. km course?

Why not worth the wait?

In autumn and winter, when the temperature drops below zero, many drivers resign from washing your car. This task should not, admittedly, the most pleasant, but it’s not worth it to put off the time when the weather is more favorable. First of all, because the mud mixed with road salt extremely negative work on the car body – damages the surface of the paint and accelerates the corrosion of metal – as well as items made of plastic, for example. Headlamps. A layer of dirt covering the lamp stops most of their light, so the car is less visible on the road. Bumper repair London guarantees to restore the appearance of the new bumper.  Dirty windows and door mirrors reduce visibility and may additionally on them appear scratches, dirty snow because it often contains small pebbles. Preserving the purity of the car in winter is, therefore, important because it affects not only the health of the body and other components of the vehicle but also to our security. Bumper repair London renew the bumper of your car.

Washing step by step

Hand washing the car in the winter this solution is rarely chosen. For your own comfort would be better to use the accessories that allow a contactless crackdown on the dirt of the body. To quickly and easily do the job, you will need pressure washer, soft washing brush on a long-handled, two microfiber cloth (for wiping and polishing) and professional auto chemicals intended for use in the winter. Below we suggest how to wash your car in five steps. Bumper repair London repair the car after the cullet.

Rinse the bodywork. Before starting work, thoroughly rinse the car using a garden hose or a normal bucket. In this way, we remove it from the body thicker particles of dirt that could scratch the paint while cleaning.

Remove the dirt. All cracks, depressions and at the contact elements accumulates dirt that is hard to get rid of. Using a pressure washer, we can remove the sand and mud of those places that does not reach the bristles.

Wash the car. Use a brush and cosmetics for cleaning paint, gaskets or tires get rid of the remnants of mud, unsightly stains and other impurities that adversely affect driving safety and aesthetics of the car. Bumper repair London scratches on the paint.

Wipe dry. While in the summer car can be left to dry in the sun, so much in the winter often ends up locks or creating the body and windows layer of ice. For this reason, after washing the car you need to wipe dry.

Protect body. In the winter you should think about protecting the body, as well as rubber components, and plastic suitable preparations. The wax protects both the paint and sheet metal and petroleum jelly prevents freezing seals and locks. Bumper repair London remove scratches on the bumper.

What do you need to remember?

The basic principle relates to a car washing winter ambient temperature. If it remains in positive territory, without fear we wash the car,   In the driveway, but when it falls below zero, we can do it only in a heated garage or a professional car wash. The reason is simple: the water accumulating in the back of the car can cause freezing of the seals and locks, which prevent us to open the door. In winter, do not wash the engine, because the long-lasting moisture causes starting problems. Besides shrinking due to the cold seal can leak water to destinations such as electrical connectors or ABS, which often ends in a major accident. You should also remember that winter is not worth doing anything to force – tugging frozen to the door, can damage the gasket or a door handle, so you have to warm up the car, use the defrosters or wait until the air gets a little warmer.

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