Ways to combat the moisture in the car

Moisture in the car is very troublesome because problems arising from its actions affect drivers throughout the year. So how do you effectively prevent the accumulation of excessive amounts of moisture?

(26-02-2017) The interior is just as important as his external silhouette. If you depend on individualization or simply dashboard is nibbled the tooth of time, use of veneers that will change the cockpit according to your expectations. Cars wear out, of course – fade when exposed to UV rays, draw up, bursting, often you have the next owner of the vehicle, and therefore the ideal way to ugly, damaged plastic components of the dashboard is their taping adhesive films.

Where does the moisture in the car?

Moisture gets into the car in various ways – wet shoes and clothing, leaking ventilation, clogged drains, and most of all dirt and dust, which settle water molecules. All these elements contribute to excessive evaporation winder, which has a negative impact on travel safety, inasmuch as deteriorating visibility. High levels of humidity can also cause annoying smell musty and the source of the outbreaks of rust.

The best ways to moisture

Carpeted under the mats is the largest store of moisture in the car. To get rid of her, you can use newsprint, desiccant or … cat litter, which perfectly absorbs water and removes odors. A good idea may also buy rubber floor mats, which is poured the water to get rid of the problem. Do not forget also about the regular exchange of pollen filter. It is the perfect reservoir for moisture, which is then blown into the cabin while using the air supply. On this occasion, we should also clean the drains waters in the vicinity of the windshield because the lack of permeability may cause getting moisture into the air ducts. Be sure you also need to take care of the cleanliness inside the car, because the dust is another store moisture. Take advantage of the special measures for the maintenance of plastics having antistatic properties to prevent excessive build-up of dust. The most important, however, is at the same time care for the purity of glass. To do this, you must obtain a special liquid that will allow for easy removal of dirt and does not leave streaks. After elution can be applied to the liquid anti-settling moisture to prevent fogging glass surfaces. The quickest way to get rid of moisture is the inclusion of air that instantly dries the air inside the car. It must be remembered, however, for its periodic maintenance and cleaning so, and supplement the refrigerant, so keep it fully functional. In the case of vehicles which are not equipped with air conditioning system, to help ventilate the ordinary vehicle by opening the windows, causing mixing of the moist air from the dry, coming from the outside. It is not worth underestimate the problem of excessive moisture in the car. This leads to the fact frequent misting and reduces the visibility of what is becoming an increasingly common cause of collisions.

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