Is it worth to buy the most expensive polishing paste?

The polishing paste is one of the most faithful friends of every detailer who takes care of the condition of the car. But whether it pays to choose the most expensive products, or perhaps better to stay with budget items?

Polishing is the best way to renovate the paint

Paint is the most sensitive coating of the body and more particularly exposed to external factors. On the one hand, it is about mechanical damage, which can occur as a result of stones strokes or the most common abrasions. On the other hand, atmospheric factors such as UV radiation and pollution-laden rainfall may be the cause of lacquer damage. Keeping the lacquer in proper condition does not help the road salt for winter maintenance of roads. On the surface of the car body is going to the oxidation processes, and so the chemical reactions. As a result of these changes the lacquer begins to fade and loses its original glow.

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The active shampoo is not enough, as only abrasives will remove the crushed lacquer. Among the most popular are polishing pastes, the choice of which is very broad.

Cheapest products and their disadvantages

Domestic abrasive products can be purchased for a few pounds. Examples are K2 Turbo and K2 Ultra Cut, costing less than 10 pounds. The first one is for finishing and the other is for removing the scratches. These are products for amateur use. They have a rather dense consistency, which makes it difficult to work out and increases the time needed to polish the entire body.

Budget binders are also not the most delicate, as can be seen in the use of machine polishing. The cheapest abrasives will leave small, circular scratches (so-called swirled), which are an undesirable side effect. To achieve the best possible mirror effect, professional detailers use top-shelf pastes whose prices range from several pounds per box.

Premium products and their differentiation

Products for professional use are often purchased in sets containing several pastes of the same manufacturer, which differ in aggressiveness. An example may be Menzerna, especially recommended by painters. This brand offers four products for comprehensive refinishing.

The first one is the Heavy Cut Compound, which is designed to remove and deepen the scratches. Another is Medium Cut Polish, which is the intermediate and most versatile paste, which can deal with noticeable signs of wear in the form of strong oxidation. The third component is the Super Finish, which is a soft abrasive to achieve the deepest shine. Fourth product – Sealing Wax Protection. This is a wax that will work in the protection of the paint. Passing through the four-step path described above, the bodywork will be completely restored.

Menzerna is obviously not the only premium pastry manufacturer. Meguiars products are highly appreciated by the American company. In the range of brands, you will find a wide selection of pastes. These include ScratchX 2.0, Swirl Remover, Mirror Glaze, and Ultimate Compound.

Each Meguiars product has an advanced composition that allows you to apply a lacquer to a perfect finish, without the need for additional side-scuffing. Most expensive polishing pastes can be recommended primarily to retailers looking to achieve the perfect mirror effect without the slightest scratches. Branded products, due to their delicacy in terms of lacquer, will be a good choice also for amateurs, because it is harder for them to unintentionally damage the bodywork.

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